Graffiti-covered tree - Centralia, Pennsylvania - Columbia County, Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania - Locations - The Schumin Web Photo Licensing
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Graffiti-covered tree

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Category: Centralia, Pennsylvania Graffiti Trees Viewed: 95 Downloads: 0 Keywords may 2018 centralia columbia county Pennsylvania PA graffiti highway state route 61 abandoned road roads highways high way ways urban exploration urbex roadway roadways ghost town alignment alignments coal mine fire towns spray paint spraypaint paints spraypaints tree trees tag tags tagged tagging infrastructure infrastructural infra structure structural Route 61 Ghost Town Graffiti Highway Description: Detail of a graffiti-covered tree by the entrance to St. Ignatius Cemetery, near the north end of the Graffiti Highway.

The Graffiti Highway is a former alignment of Pennsylvania Route 61 through Centralia, Pennsylvania. This section of road was abandoned for a new alignment in 1993 due to ground subsidence caused by an underground coal mine fire that has been burning under Centralia since 1962.