Abandoned bridge pier at Harpers Ferry - Harpers Ferry, West Virginia - Jefferson County, West Virginia - West Virginia - Locations - The Schumin Web Photo Licensing
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Abandoned bridge pier at Harpers Ferry

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Category: Harpers Ferry, West Virginia Abandoned bridges Viewed: 173 Downloads: 0 Keywords harpers ferry west virginia potomac shenandoah river rivers wv west virginia maryland md april 2014 jefferson county civil war era bridge bridges abandoned pier piers trees growth vegetation night nighttime time light csx railroad track work trackwork lights lighting rail road crossing crossings winchester Description: Abandoned bridge pier in the Potomac River at Harpers Ferry, viewed from the current Winchester and Potomac Railroad Bridge. The pier shown here is part of an earlier bridge that was built and destroyed several times during the American Civil War before being abandoned before the war's end.

The lighting comes from a set of floodlights, which were aimed at the current bridge to aid CSX work crews conducting track maintenance in the area.